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 Seller's Read

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PostSubject: Seller's Read   Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:28 pm

Rules of Selling:

1. Use An Official Extreme Gamer Middle Man If you don't and you get scammed its your own fault

2. Post a Screen shot of your account and weapons , use paint to cover your name.

3. Any proven Attempt to Scam Will get you Server Banned From Extreme Gamer.

4. No Charging back after a trade all sales are final Charge backs result in a ban.

5. Must have Answers to account, questions, email and password along with email answers to Trade/sell.

6. Extreme Gamer is not responsible for lost stolen or scammed accounts. USE A OFFICIAL MIDDLE MAN!

7. Do not double post, spam or bump your threads the Same Forum Rules Apply here just like the rest of the site.

8. Accounts that you have openly hacked on or might have been reported on should not be traded here.

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Seller's Read
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